Another Day

Denise Gow-Morse
Another Day is a choose your own adventure game that allows you to experience what the average day is like for someone who lives with an anxiety disorder.

You play the game as Riley, a twenty-year-old girl who has to navigate through her day encountering various obstacles that affect her anxiety and change how she experiences her life.

After being diagnosed with anxiety it can feel overwhelming, like the sky is falling on you and the walls are pushing in. What is just as bad is living with anxiety and not understanding what it is.

Another Day wants to spread the message that although living with anxiety can be difficult, it doesn’t have to stop you from thriving.

Another Day wants to show individuals that although living with an anxiety condition can be difficult, it is possible to overcome. Another Day shows techniques to minimize anxiety, and includes journal prompts that set players up to start a daily anxiety journal.

People who don’t live with anxiety, but know someone who does will also find Another Day helpful, as it will allow them to see what an average day for their loved one looks like. This allows a deeper understanding and creates a stronger support structure for everyone involved.