Drew Tozer
Resist is a speculative design project exploring the age of surveillance and how DIY devices may be created to fight against deceitful technology.

Resist is a speculative design project composed of artifacts “manufactured” by empowered and organized citizens of an imagined dystopia. In this future, the state is governed by technology that oppresses and monitors their citizens under hyper surveillance. Resist looks at how people in such a world may retaliate by creating DIY devices that protect themselves, their identities, their data, and their ideas.

The prototypes are outlined in a guide. The aim of this guide is to empower all people to fight back against heinous acts of surveillance and monitoring at the hands of our government and large corporations who devour our data and digital autonomy for profit.

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The first prototype is a Concealed Faraday Cage. When your personal devices are inside Faraday Cages, it blocks all signals from coming in or out. 

Your data stays securely locked in your device. The Faraday Cage is simple to build, and is a household essential for those with smart phones. This Faraday Cage is also soundproof, ensuring that conversations spoken around the cage are kept away from the device’s microphone. It’s wise to keep your Faraday Cage concealed in the case of suspicious house checks.

The second prototype is a hat that fights facial recognition.

Resist has installed an alternate algorithm on nearly every surveillance network. It masks your own face with an AI generated (non-existing) face when activated, making it impossible to verify your identity.

The algorithm can be triggered through infrared light. By sewing infrared light circuits into your garments, you’ll be sure to keep your face protected from watchful eyes. This device was prototyped using AR. An AI generated face was used as the foundation of this mask which gets imposed over reality to hide identities. The mask is designed to counter the main measures in facial recognition, it skews the distance between eyes and the length from forehead to chin.

Read the full guide below.

Drew Tozer