Sustainability Field Guide

Emily Clark
An illustrated guide to minimizing your carbon footprint and fighting climate change. 

Sustainability and the climate crisis are at the forefront of today’s conversation and it can often feel overwhelming. What can one person do about this problem? The fact is, big problems like climate change need every person to help, but it can feel overwhelming to do so. There is an abundance of information on how individuals can have an impact on mitigating climate change, but it can be inaccessible and not tailored to the average consumer. The Sustainability Field Guide is a booklet to help people understand what they can do in their own lives to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

This pocket sized field guide is meant to be easily kept on your person. The rounded corners make it durable to last and easy to write in. The field guide covers five different sections of human life: consumerism, diet, transportation, money and technology. Each section provides real actionable tips on leading a sustainable lifestyle that are backed by facts and reasoning. Following each illustrated section are pages for notes, for the user to write their own tips they have learned.

Flip through the entire guide below!