The Almost Perfect Definition

Jing Yu
What is perfectionism? Am I a perfectionist? How do I face it?
It’s not easy to understand others or even to really know ourselves. For this project, I tried to learn more about myself in hopes to convey the idea that no one is perfect and we should all accept ourselves.

I consider myself a perfectionist. I have to admit that sometimes perfectionism is annoying. Yes, even perfectionists hate perfectionism.

But wait! What is perfectionism?

Before I start to complain, let’s discuss what is perfectionism? To address this question, I’ve designed a booklet about perfectionism, which is based on an essay by Jason A. McGarvey named The Almost Perfect Definition.

As I read the article, I compared my experience with the research results. This awakened memories and the emotions that surged inside me like waves. As a result, I captured the thoughts generated during reading and converted them into an illustrated booklet.




Memory About Mistake

Explanation of “Discrepancy”

Accept Imperfection