Isolated Readings

Mary Metz
An illustration project of tarot card readings. Four tarot card readings were performed during March 2020 (COVID-19). The cards that appeared were illustrated and redesigned by Mary Metz.

Tarot card reading is a form of divination and relies on interpretation and curiosity. The arrangement of the cards is called a spread and the cards are read based on face value and placement within the spread. The number of cards within a spread varies (my readings were done with 3 card spreads). The card definitions given in this project are taken from The Rider Waite Deck.

The spread of COVID-19 brought a wave of confusion, fear and unknown to the world. While in a state of unease, I found myself searching for answers and comfort in my tarot deck. During March 2020, I gave myself tarot card readings and illustrated the cards that presented themselves. I chose to interpret the traditional imagery found on each card and used my illustration style to modernize the characters and symbols. This project allowed me to show both my traditional fine arts background as well as the design skills I have developed throughout this degree.