Millie Webb
DateSlate is a concept for a wall-mounted smart calendar, intended for adults with learning disorders such as ADHD and those who struggle with organization and time management.

Adult ADHD is more common than people think. 85% of children with ADHD do not grow out of it, and only 10.9% of adults receive treatment. This means that 89.1% of adults with ADHD are trying to find ways to cope by themselves. Many people with learning disorders such as ADHD struggle with organization and time management in their day-to-day lives. DateSlate aims to address these struggles and provide solutions through its unique features.

• This calendar could also be accessed using an app.

• Much like a virtual assistant, DateSlate would be voice activated. When this feature is not in use, the user has the option to turn the microphone off.

• Reminders for calendar entries could be enabled in settings. Reminder options would include phone notifications and verbal reminders from their wall-mounted smart calendar.

When a date has passed, it will turn grey like dates from the previous and upcoming month. This visual simplification is meant to help the user stay focused on upcoming events without becoming overwhelmed.

Using stickers will help to quickly identify important dates.

Holding a finger down on a sticker will cause it to fluctuate in size. The user can remove their finger once the sticker reaches an appropriate size, based on its level of importance.

Tap on a sticker to reveal event information quickly.

Tapping a sticker twice allows the user to edit sticker details using the keyboard.

Tapping the “…” key will reveal keys that may be used less frequently.

A Weather symbol, temperature, and “feels like” temperature will be displayed for each day.

A split view is available for users who want to plan their days around each other.

Contacts can be synced with the users phone or social media accounts.

Invites sent by the user are displayed here, allowing them to make changes if necessary.

Invites can be sent via text, email, or social media if contacts are not using this product.

When the user receives invites, a number will be displayed on the “Invites” icon.

When the user accepts an invite, the invite message will appear on the calendar.

Calendar entries can be reordered.

The user can select which entries should be visible on the monthly view.