Paul Guardia
The Overtone guitar is a digital guitar that gives you full tone control through your smart phone.
a musical or vocal sound with reference to
its pitch, quality, and strength.

Total Tone Control

The Overtone guitar is a digital guitar that gives you full tone control through your smart phone.

If you are a brand new guitarist and don’t have the slightest idea how to create beautiful tone, fear not! The Overtone app comes with tone presets, so you can start sounding like Eddie Van Halen in no time.

Share Guitar Tones

If you create your own beautiful tone that you want to share with friends this is easy the Overtone app. With the press of a button you can have your friends using your guitar tone.

Automatic Features

Playing and maintaining an Overtone guitar is much easier because of its automatic features. All features are automatic such as: tuning, intonation, truss rod adjustment, and string action.

No Technician
No Problem

All of these features can be controlled with the Overtone app. This means that you do not have to go to a guitar technician if you need any help maintaining your guitar. You would avoid a trip to the music store and save money spent on a technician.

Modular Guitar

If you are not a fan of the V shaped guitar we have a solution! The Overtone guitar is modular, you are able to separate the ‘core’ of the guitar from the body. This means you are able to switch guitar bodies with ease.

The Overtone guitar company will have a variety of guitar bodies to choose from. A customer can have the Overtone guitar painted any color he or she wants as long as it’s black.

Best Of Both Worlds

We still wanted to use regular guitar pickups in the Overtone guitar. The reason for this is because we were worried that a completely digital guitar sound would be too cold.

Traditional guitars get its warmth and soulful sound from their pickups. Pickups are not perfect, they have minor imperfections and personalities that give a unique and soulful sound.

The Overtone guitar has best of both worlds, it uses traditional guitar pickups for a warm and soulful sound. While it allows players to alter this sound with a computer for better customization.

The Next Generation Of Guitars

The future of digital guitars looks promising with a new generation of guitarists on the horizon.

This generation will need a new type of guitar, a digital guitar to better assist them with learning, maintaining and controlling their guitar. Overtone realizes this and wants to be one of the first digital guitar pioneers of this future generation.