Daily Bird

Xiaohan Zhang
As of December 2019, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists 461 endangered bird species. The dramatic declines are attributed to the loss of grasslands, healthy forests, and wetlands, which is closely related to human life habits. I chose to communicate this relationship through the use of three familiar everyday paper-based products.

The calendar is divided into two parts—an image of an endangered bird and the overlaying calendar. To access the next day on the calendar, you must tear off a part of the bird illustration. As each day is consumed, the images of the endangered bird will fade. It allows users to consider the urgency of environmental issues.

Sticky notes are a very common daily office item. After each sticky note is used, the pad reduces the number and appearance of the bird. Once the sticky note pad reaches zero, the bird illustration completely disappears. Interacting with the product allows the users to be aware of the relationship between environmental issues and human behaviour.

Tissues account for a large proportion of the global consumption of paper products. When the tissue package is full, users can see the Red-crowned Crane’s image and written description. However, when the user runs out of tissues, the image and description disappear. Only the bird’s name remains, which implies that when we continue to destroy the bird’s habitat, we only know its name after many years.