Meet The Class

These are the students of the 2021 graduating year, and the ones responsible for the exhibition. Click on one of the students to view their profiles or scroll down to view the different bios. 

Abhinav Tyagi

Abhinav Tyagi is a 3D Artist and Multimedia Designer based in Halifax, Nova ScotiaHe studied Graphic Communication at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, and Interdisciplinary Design at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Canada.Currently, he freelances as visual artist, designer and animator. Abhinavs practice aims to blur boundaries through Art X Design X Technology by using a wide range of 2D and 3D software to illustrate and animate his content. So far, his work has been exhibited in 5 different continents.  Abhinav also has experience working as a motion graphic designer for an award-winning film, and experience in projection mapping at music festivals, illustration of album covers for musicians, graphic design for various brands, and much more.  He is skilled in a wide range of softwares from Zbrush, After Effects, Trapcode Suite, Illustrator, Synesthesia, to Unity and many more not listed. Some of his recent clients include – Apex Private Wealth Management (Singapore), Mystic Yogi (Vancouver), Daniel Salij (Toronto), Kailasha Productions (India), Plaex Building Systems (New Brunswick), WRAZ (Montreal), Electric Pines Music Festival (Nova Scotia), Praxis (New Brunswick), Dire Soul (USA), and The Higher Pursuit (Toronto) just to name a few. 

Amy Chang (Yue)

Yue Chang is an interdisciplinary designer and illustrator that is gradating in the year of 2021. As a designer, her focused areas are graphic design, branding and a preferred future direction of interior design. She has obtained 3D modelling, illustration, graphic design and other skills in her 4 years of study at NSCAD. She can work with both traditional and digital materials in order to help clients solve their problems. In her spare time Yue also loves to play guitar.  Email: 

Annabelle Ren (Shurui)

Annabelle Ren (Shurui) will graduate from NSCAD in April 2021 with a major in interdisciplinary design and minor in illustration. Design is Annabelle’s passion, and she enjoys the process of solving problems through design and innovating in projects. She enjoys working with people from different disciplines to create the greatest value together. In addition, she loves adversity and challenges that encourage her to expand beyond her comfort zone. Shurui prides herself on being resourceful, a humble learner, and spending the time to figure things out. Aside from work, she loves to paint, film, and travel.  Email: 

Arabella Calla

Arabella is a NSCAD University interdisciplinary design student from Toronto with a focus on product, packaging and UI/UX design. She is detail-oriented and practices critical problem solving throughout all of her creative endeavors. Arabella is a curious and enthusiastic learner; she is passionate about typography, brand development, and ensures the integration of human psychology and sustainability in her work, elements she deems crucial for successful modern design. Alongside her studies, she loves playing tennis, jumping in the ocean, following Formula 1, and is dedicated to a wellness-based lifestyle, partaking in daily energy-oriented healing practices such as Qigong. Arabella is a determined and passionate designer excited and eager to contribute to designing a better world 

Ayah Bensalim

Ayah Bensalim is a Libyan Canadian born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She will be graduating from NSCAD University’s Bachelor of Design program with a Major in Interdisciplinary Design and a Minor in Illustration. Her work is focused on character design and illustration. With a passion for the realms of fantasy and magic, she uses traditional and digital mediums to showcase fantasy elements alongside strong female characters and her culture, religion, and beliefs. She wants to pursue a career in character design and illustration while using her skills to provide new ideas and perspectives to help solve realworld issues.  Email: 

Boya Zhu

Boya is a fourth-year student of NSCAD with a Major in Interdisciplinary Design and a Minor in Illustration. She is a Chinese designer and illustrator who likes to find creative inspiration in her daily life. In NSCAD, Boya found herself interested in different fields of art. After her graduation, she wants to continue exploring possibilities to combine these art forms together and create her unique work style. Boya always believes that good art has the power to change people. As a designer, she likes to work on real life issues, trying to awaken peoples awareness in making the world a better place to live. On the other hand, as an illustrator, Boya focuses more on building emotional connection with audiences, and expressing her own thoughts through her works.    Email: 

Caitlin Northey

Caitlin Northey was born and raised in Saskatchewan. She is taking interdisciplinary design at NSCAD University with a focus on graphic design, illustration and concept illustration. She works mostly digitally, but she does enjoy working with traditional mediums. She finds inspirations from nature, fantasy, history and folklore.   Email: 

Celeste Liao (Xin)

Xin (Celeste) Liao is a graduating student from NSCAD University’s Interdisciplinary Design Program. The study process at NSCAD has allowed her to explore her passions and strengths; she gained more interest in fine arts and crafts, and transformed her focus from branding and illustration to digital and editorial design. As a designer, she is always willing to learn new things. She explores different disciplines and combines them with design solutions. While completing her undergraduate degree, she is working freelance; providing clients with empathetic, research-based, lasting designs. In her design practice, she always strives to find the balance between self-expression and problem-solving—this was what aspired her to explore interculturalism and bullying in her design degree project  Email: 

Haneen Elkhateeb


She firmly believes in doing what she loves and loving what she does. She followed that rule when she graduated high school and took her first step into higher education at NSCAD University for a Bachelor of Design, and she follows that rule as she constantly seeks the next milestones in her career. Haneen Elkhateeb is a Palestinian Canadian interdisciplinary designer with a combined passion for the logical and mathematical side of things, as well as the creative and artistic side. With strengths in collaboration, analytical thinking, process, and problem-solving, she is very passionate about exploring her background through her design projects. A lot of the work that she does is for her local Middle Eastern community. The relationship between Arabic and Latin and improving their typographic readability is something that highly interests her, and she has a strong desire to further embrace interculturalism and explore bilingual identities in her work.   Email: 

Jacinta El Chater 

Jacinta El Chater is an interdisciplinary designer from Halifax, Nova Scotia and will be graduating from NSCAD University in the Spring of 2021. Her work is often inspired by her love for food and culture which came from growing up in a Lebanese household. Jacinta works mainly with logo and branding design, web design, photography and interior design. While completing her Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Design, Jacinta worked part-time in the cosmetic industry where she challenged herself creatively to come up with design solutions for flaws in her work life. Her final project will be proposing a new design solution that will help reduce plastic waste in the cosmetic industry.  Email: 

Jennifer Bliss

Jennifer Bliss is an interdisciplinary designer who uses design to improve user experiences through better digital communication. She is a native of Nova Scotia and earned a Diploma in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from NSCC before continuing her education at NSCAD University through the Bachelor of Design program. Outside of school, she combines her educational background in marketing and design to create unique experiences for events including; FIN Atlantic International Film Festival, the Halifax Regional Municipalities civic events, and the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival. To create great design solutions, she believes in harnessing the power of analytics and user feedback while using a strong research process with a perspective of inclusivity and accessibility. After graduating, she plans to continue to expand her knowledge of user accessibility with the digital realm while focusing her design career on user experience and user interface design.  

Kiana Christie

Kiana Christie is a designer who likes to evoke emotion through her work. She’s a Bahamian who originally grew up in New Providence, Bahamas. After graduating high school and earning an Associates of Fine Arts from the University of the Bahamas she started pursuing a Bachelor of Design with a Major in Interdisciplinary Design in Halifax, Canada at NSCAD University Her main strengths are within graphics, illustration, character and branding. She finds her best solutions will combine her design and illustration skills together. Art and design are two different mediums, but she feels like design can use art to really connect with others and evoke the emotions that she wants. To her, speaking to others without words is a valuable tool of a designer. It motivates her to make people smile, surprised, or stop to think. Her aspirations are simple, in the sense that she just really enjoys helping people. Having a sense of empathy for others leads to a wide range of projects and the drive to reach strong solutions. Within her practice it is something she wants to hold onto.  Email: 

Kiefe Lawrence

Kiefe Lawrence is a graduating student from the Interdisciplinary Design program at NSCAD University. He is passionate about design and loves creating positive experiences for the youth. This semester he has been problem-solving around the prevention and treatment of substance abuse. His design presents a smartphone app that detects and intervenes opioid overdose events. His goal is to educate the public on the technology for people experiencing opioid addiction. After graduation, He plans on pursuing education and involving himself in the community. He wants to continue designing to inspire others, provoke people to dismantle systems of oppression, and be mindful of sustainability.  Email:  

Kimberly Cooke

Kimberly Cooke is a graduating student in NSCADs Interdisciplinary Design program. As such,she is extremely interested in how multi-faceted design is, and how it permeates throughout cultures, careers, and everyday life. She has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Kings College, which she believes has greatly influenced how she approaches both artistic and design related endeavours. Currently, she is primarily focused on graphic design, communication design, branding and illustration. Outside of her academic career, she provides the graphic design, event planning and PR for a local not-for-profit fan-based group, allowing her to put into practice the concept of interdisciplinary design. Through this group she is able to explore community, communication, and a variety of design styles, while combining her many passions!  She is extremely excited with the variety of prospective work environments in which she can engage and apply her skillsets.  Email: 

Laura Publicover

Laura Publicover is a graphic designer and illustrator raised in Moncton, New Brunswick currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After briefly studying art history in Montreal, Laura came to NSCAD University as a part of the Interdisciplinary Design program. She has created designs for a number of clients in Halifax, such as Biscuit General and Thief & Bandit. Her areas of focus include branding, layout & communication, UX/UI, and merchandise design. Laura has been recognized by the university for her work, receiving the Dr. Elizabeth Connor scholarship in 2018. This semester, Laura employed her skills to create a series of educational mediums geared towards college students. This work aims to reduce the number of on-campus sexual assaults by creating an open dialogue about consent. Since beginning her studies at NSCAD, Laura has branched out into other disciplines such as fashion design and textiles. With a focus on waste-reduction and sustainability, Laura seeks to find creative ways to bring new life to existing materials. Her goals for after graduation are to continue working in Halifax with other like-minded designers and additional freelance clients.  Email: 

Mac Jessen

Mac Jessen is an interdisciplinary designer and photographer. She has a passion for capturing every moment through a lens and collaborating creatively with new people. Her design work is mainly focused in UX and graphic design where she enjoys creating a product that is usable and meaningful to any client. Her photography work extends to a broad audience from portraits to commercial work, and to an admiration of nature photography. Having her two passions meet by combining design with photography interchangeably to showcase her skills is what shed love to see her career turn into. 

Matthew Beck

Matthew Beck is an LGBTQ+ designer from Montague, PEI. Growing up on the island has influenced them in many ways. For one, Matthew is very aware of the environmental impacts of climate change. Completing their first year of university at UPEIs sustainable design engineering program has made sustainability an essential part of their practice.  Matthew finds it difficult to explain the type of design they do. As an interdisciplinary designer, they have the most experience working as a graphic designer, but they would also like to be an architect or product designer. After graduating, Matthew would also like to learn more about web design and motion graphics. However, they typically spend their summers working for Parks Canada as a park interpreter. They would even be honoured to work for Parks Canada in any design position in the future. Matthews heart belongs to nature, and they can never get enough of it. Lately, they have been getting into natural dyes, where their favourite colours are yellows from Golden-Rod, and the variety of colours from buckthorn berries. Matthews summer goal is to use their own dyes on a t-shirt they constructed themselves, and have their original graphic printed onto it. 

Matthew Bezzina

Matthew Bezzina is a fourth-year design student in NSCAD University’s interdisciplinary design program. Originally focused on amateur filmmaking, Bezzina began learning design in 2014, to create thumbnail images for his short films. Over time, as his work gained attention from other content creators online, Bezzina started to design more and film less. In 2015, Bezzina Designs was started with the goal of learning and improving through interactions with real-world clients worldwide. The freelance practice specializes in brand identity and print design, continually expanding to provide its clients with an ever-growing list of services. As an interdisciplinary designer, Bezzina is constantly looking to develop and advance his skill-base. Cultivating a wealth of skills allows him to attack problems from different angles and take unique approaches to design projects. Bezzina’s mission is to solve his client’s creative problems with meaningful and lasting design solutions.

Matthew Masone

Matthew Masone was born in New Jersey, United States, and quickly relocated to Detroit Michigan. Over the years he has moved 9 times throughout the United States and Canada. He has always been fascinated with art and design, focusing on concept art for movies and video games. His main goal is to work in the video game or movie industry, building his skills in digital art, computer modelling, and photo manipulation. The software he uses ranges from Adobe programs to Maya and Zbrush. His inspiration comes from his love of movies, particularly old-school practical effects and modern digital effects. Among his skills are photo-bashing, digital modelling, concept art, matte painting, and physical sculpting/ painting. In the future, he plans on making characters and images that create a fantasy or horror environment, relying on his skills in digital imagery and film knowledge. 

Mavis Chen

Mavis Chen is an interdisciplinary designer from NSCAD University. She is passionate about branding design, interactive design, and product design. She builds her projects based on problem solving, storytelling, and equity, as she hopes her work can communicate with the user effectively solve design issuesAside from her Interdisciplinary design degree, Mavis also pursued a minor in Jewellery and Metalsmith. Sitting at her workbench, sanding and polishing, is how she relaxesEmail: 

Robin Gu

Robin Gu is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Halifax, NS. She works to design a pleasing visual communication experience through branding, user interfaces, and publishings. Robins work is inspired by Bauhaus. She believes in design that is both ethical and aesthetic. She adores colour a lot, which has always been a big part of her design practice. Robin believes different  colours have different moods and communicate in their own ways. In her future design practices, she wants to explore more possibilities using colours in graphic design by working around aesthetics and function. Email: 

Robin Richardson-Dupuis

Robin Richardson-Dupuis is an interdisciplinary designer and illustrator based in Kjipuktuk, or Halifax. Robin is interested in creating delight through visually rich & expressive digital experiences, brands, and illustrations. Their work is informed by the principles of design justice and decolonization, and they strive to listen deeply and communicate responsibly in the context of any design problem. Robin is inspired by activism and experimental music to bring a DIY, community-involved spirit to every project they take on. Robin sustains a freelance graphic design practice centred on supporting community through design, as well as a personal art practice focused on self-expression through illustration and printmaking.  When Robin is not designing, you can find them tending to their plants, riding their bike, and making music.   Email:  

Warren Jardine

Warren Jardine, who goes by Ren, is a Halifax based Interdisciplinary Designer with a passion for illustration and spatial design. Over the years, she has helped companies with their social media, developing branding and content in both print and web. She studied at NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) University where she majored in Interdisciplinary Design with a specialization in IllustrationWarren also earned a certificate from the Kunst Og Design Skole in Aarhus, Denmark where she studied architecture and design. In her spare time you can find her doing something creative or laughing with friends.  Email:  

Xiaodi Yu

Xiaodi Yu will graduate from NSCAD University with a major in interdisciplinary design. As Xiaodi practices in multiple design fields, he realized he is very interested in product design where he can come up with a thoughtful design to solve problems. He has also gained a lot of experience in graphic design, logo design, and illustration while was trying different design fields. There is a famous quote that says, It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. Xiaodi believes this statement represents his values.  He enjoys going to new places and doing new things. He believes that exploring helps him to gain new knowledge and gain deeper insight in design. Xiaodis design works are highly informed by less is more” and follow the principle of design justice. He aims to make design simple. Photography is one of Xiaodis hobbies. He can be found out with his camera recording the world when in his free time.   Email: 

Yanshun Zhi

Tom is a design major from China. After completing his degree in interior design in China, he came to NSCAD to continue his study of design. At NSCAD, he majored in Interdisciplinary Design. Different learning environments and new areas of learning have broadened his vision of design. Now, he focuses on product design and visual effects. Outside of his professional life, he likes travelling, reading books and e-sports games. He believes travelling can improve one’s horizon, while reading books can make one wise. His last project at NSCAD was on water purification and detection, which provided a reference for future research in this field. 

Yongfeng Tang

Yongfeng Tang was born in northwest of China. He will graduate from NSCAD University with a major in interdisciplinary design and a minor in illustration. He is very passionate about brand logo design, visual identity, and product design. For hobbies, Yongfeng is into Rock music and playing the guitar. As a freelancer, he participated in a variety of commercial designs for many small e-commerce companies in China. He believes design is not purely art, but rather design is about people. Steve Jobs said Design is not how it looks and feels like, design is how it works. This motto greatly inspired Yongfeng in his project Solar Leaf, which he designed for the United Nation SDG target 7-1. As a fledgling designer, he will uphold his own principles, absorb multiple design concepts, put out excellent work for people and for the society in which we live, and become a quality designer in the future.  Email:

Yuka Sasaki

Yuka is a Japanese interdisciplinary design student at NSCAD and will graduate this year. She is always interested in Japanese pop culture and wants to connect Japanese pop culture with the world through design. Composting is one ideas for reducing food loss, but young people often find it difficult to separate the kitchen waste for composting. Reasons for this include odour, distance to throw away (living in an apartment, no compost/green bin nearby), and embarrassment of having garbage. For these reasons, Yuka designed a portable and sealable kitchen waste container that makes it easy for young people and people living in apartments to separate their kitchen waste and throw it away in green bins and compost areas.

Zhaoyu Jiang

Zhaoyu Jiang is a graphic and product designer from China, graduating from NSCAD in April 2021. He believes that learning to be a better designer means learning to live life better in every possible way. He focused on graphic design, web design, and product design during his study in NSCAD’s interdisciplinary design program. He has undergone a radical change in thinking about design; he has learnt that it is about observing things from one’s daily life and finding an opportunity to improve on them. More importantly, he has learnt that a designer’s key objective is to communicate design concepts, principles, ideas, and solutions in an empathetic and practical way—all in all, helping people understand the design.