Meet the NSCAD Design Graduates of 2020

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Emily Clark

Emily is an Interdisciplinary Designer with a focus on design justice, sustainability and inclusivity. She has studied photography at Ryerson University, communication design at the Auckland University of Technology and is a recent graduate from the Interdisciplinary Design program at NSCAD University. Emily is curious about the world and the systems that run our lives. Her work is guided by analyzing these systems and creating design solutions that challenge the status quo and bring justice, sustainability and equality to the forefront of the conversation. Outside of design, she enjoys painting, crosswords, legal dramas, fancy lemonades and anything outdoors. Emily has really enjoyed her time at NSCAD and is excited to showcase this exhibition.

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Paul Guardia

Paul Guardia is graduating this year with a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Design from NSCAD university. During his time at NSCAD he has evolved from an artist to a designer and aspiring entrepreneur. The design disciplines he is focusing on are product design, branding, and UX / UI design. With these skills he is able to design physical and digital products, brand these products and market the product. Paul enjoys working in teams, he loves to hear new ideas, challenge each other and motivate each-other. He sees the key to great communication with teammates and clients is to listen and empathize.

Paul is passionate about problem solving and enjoys the thrill of coming up with innovative ideas that could change the world. He is looking to work with passionate entrepreneurs to collaborate with, to create helpful products that solve important problems.

Ben Rankin

Ben is a Canadian user-experience and brand identity designer who believes in the power of design through a holistic lens and how it works in tandem with problem-solving within the creative space, commerce, and technology. He is particularly interested in the effects and impressions design can have on the way we think, interact, and buy. His studies in the Interdisciplinary Design program have allowed him to focus on strategy, concept creation, and all the technical skills attributed to communication, graphic, UX/UI, interaction, and product design. He hopes to make the world a better place with design. When not designing, you can find him at the local dogpark or tennis courts.

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Drew Tozer

Drew Tozer is graduating from the Interdisciplinary Design program at NSCAD University. She’s curious, explorative, self-motivated, and ambitious. She’s studied Interactive Design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd in Germany. She’s passionate about UI/UX design (she lead the user experience team that developed this website), digital product design, and speculative design. She’s currently exploring new techniques for low-energy web development, and alternative exchanges for work that are mutually beneficial for her and her clients. Aside from work, she enjoys drawing, writing, learning, tinkering, and losing at chess. Some of her clients include Codex Protocol, the Foundation for Art and Blockchain, Indochine Banh Mi, and the Nova Scotia LGBT Archives. Her work has been exhbitied internationally and recognized in Japan, Italy, Canada, and Germany.

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Huan Liu

Huan Liu is graduating this year from NSCAD University with a bachelor in Interdisciplinary Design and a minor in illustration. Her focus focus was on graphic design, illustration, and bookbinding. During her high school years, she moved to Charlottetown, PEI from China with her family. Huan believes that her cultural background is the root source which she is constantly growing from. After graduation, she is planning to stay in the Maritimes and hopes to work for a company in the book industry.

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Moya Sharma

Growing up on a small farm in rural Nova Scotia, Moya Sharma began as an illustrator, painter, and craft maker. She began pursuing a career in animation, but after desiring a more fundamental skillset, she completed more post-secondary programs including viusal art and graphic design. Craving more learning experiences brought her to NSCAD’s Interdisciplinary Design program where she is currently in her third year. Moya strives to incorporate illustration and fine art into design and use design as a tool to communicate and solve problems.

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Sam Stein

Sam Stein is an interdisciplinary designer and graphic artist from Montreal, Quebec. He specializes in print and graphic design, with some dabbling in illustration, 3D modelling, and web design. A big type nerd, he enjoys making and reading about fonts. When not designing, he enjoys painting, learning instruments, reading, and cooking. Designing with empathy and being mindful of sustainability is central to Sam’s practice.

Jing Yu

Jing Yu is an Interdisciplinary Design student. Before she came to NSCAD University two years ago, she had two years of product design experience from Beijing Normal University in Zhuhai, China. In the past two years, she learned visual communication design, how to create a brand and how to play and have fun with package design. During the summer of 2019, Jing had a memorable time working on a project to hand-bind delicate boxes, as well as be part of a design team that helped the elderly. She is interested in typography and graphic design, and hopes to continue exploring her interest in book design in the future.

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Denise Gow-Morse

Denise Gow-Morse has always enjoyed creating story rich art, through both digital and tradition mediums. 

She is a graduate from NSCAD University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Design, with her focus being on graphic design and digital illustration. She is also proud to have a degree from the University of King’s Collage with a degree in International Development, and a minor in Journalism. 

On top of these achievements Denise has several jobs under her belt, including freelance work, and working for ORB Toy Factory in the Pre-Press and Marking Department.

Denise’s focus is telling stories by breathing life into art and design. She’s excited to spread this life and pursue work in a creative field.


Jesse is a digital designer by trade but has a great interest in traditional fine art and craft, history, and studying the natural world. He grew up loving to draw castles and characters, solve problems creatively, and integrate digital imagery and 3D software to benefit his creative process. He has professional experience working as an illustrator, animator, and freelance graphic designer but is working to expand his knowledge of the extensive world of design; in particular, how design disciplines can be intertwined and improved upon in compelling and innovative ways. What is most important to his work is empathy and a proficient understanding of the environment and materials.

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Mary Metz

Mary Metz is soon graduating from NSCAD University for the second time with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Design and Minor in Illustration. Her first degree was a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Minor in Art History where she focused on painting, drawing, and bookbinding. Mary balances her Fine Arts background with her design work using illustration and storytelling. Her use of colour, linework, and traditional mediums is a direct connection between the two disciplines. She plans to stay in HRM with her dog, Panda, after graduating and hopes to work for a value-driven company with a strong sense of community.

Xiaoyue Shen

Xiaoyue Shen is an Interdisciplinary Design student in Halifax. She is passionate about branding, typography, illustration, and the product design process. She studied product design for two years in BNUZ, and is currently working on her bachelor degree at NSCAD University. She likes to do fun things and use rich colours in her work. She is currently focussed on exploring visual expressions and creative thoughts that combine different cultures and media.

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Katrina Tomas

Katrina Tomas is a 4th year graduating student in the Interdisciplinary Design program at NSCAD University. Tomas has done work as a freelance designer and a Lead Graphic Designer for a non-profit organization that promotes Atlantic Waterfront education and preservation. She is well-versed in the development and design of brand identity, marketing, UI/UX design, and more. In her down time, she always finds new opportunities to grow her brand and create new connections with creatives in the local community. Her interests lie in creating human-centered design, revitalizing the ways design is produced and marketed to the public, and creating work that is focused on spatial design. She takes inspiration from collaborations with creatives and the vibrant environments from the places she’s traveled.

Xiaohan Zhang

As an interdisciplinary designer, Xiaohan Zhang has a degree in environmental design from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, which gives her a chance to touch different areas, such as architecture, spacial design, display deign, 3D modelling, graphic design, visual identity, branding, illustration, videography, multimedia, animation, and so on. For her graduation project of the environmental design, she used slime mold to do the urban transportation planning, which is an extraordinary experience for her, as a designer working with people who study biology and science. Therefore, she decided to go to NSCAD to learn more about interdisciplinary design. She’s a patient and curious person, and would like to work both individually and cooperatively. She’s also interested in environmental protection and cultural diffusion.

Ruixuan Xia

Ruixuan is graduating from NSCAD University with a major in Interdisciplinary Design. Her creative focus is on the areas of branding, UI, product design, and service design. In her personal life, she is an outdoor enthusiast who loves yoga, climbing, snowboarding, and surfing.

Zhixin Kong

Zhixin Kong is an Interdisciplinary Design student at NSCAD University. Zhixin ’s studies specialize in graphic design and spacial decoration art. As a Chinese student studying in Canada, her different cultural environment helped her deepen her understanding of art and design. She is currently engaged in wedding-related design work. Her interdisciplinary design experience gives her a unique aesthetic and innovative approach when designing for weddings. She is happy with her job and is full of goodwill and hope, and wishes that she always has a warm heart.

Molly Darville

Growing up in Long Island, Bahamas, Molly has a passion for all aspects of art and design. From photography to painting, drawing, ceramics and graphic design, she tries to gain experience and knowledge in as many areas of art and design as she can. She has always been interested in art from a young age and now, with her skills and knowledge learned at NSCAD University, she hopes to make a difference one day.

Millie Webb

Millicent (Millie) Webb was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia in a family of artists and art educators. The influence of art throughout her life encouraged her to pursue a degree in Interdisciplinary Design at NSCAD University. Millie is currently leaning toward a career in product design after a lifelong love of prototyping and creating products. She also enjoys designing logos and graphic design. She is passionate about problem-solving, which drives her in each project she encounters.